TSRC Challenge 3

Welcome to the third challenge in the Teen Summer Reading Challenge!

From July 25th to August 7th, we want you to get writing! By submitting a piece of creative writing by August 7th, you will earn two points towards the grand prize draw.

As you have plenty of freedom to write any type of piece that interests you, write an appropriate length for that type of writing. For instance, a short story should be at least 3-5 pages, and an article might be around 1-2 pages. For shorter poetry styles, consider writing multiple poems. 

Ideas to get started

You can take this challenge any way you want! Need ideas to get started? We've got you covered!

Poetry — Any poets out there? There are many, many different types of poetry you can try your hand at! Some styles to look into include: blackout poetry, Haikus, Limericks, acrostics, free verse... You might also want to think about the number of syllables in a line and the rhyme pattern (or lack thereof). 

Articles  Calling all journalists! Write us a news article or blog post on anything you want. Perhaps you are a reporter living on an alien planet. Or maybe you are interviewing the infamous villain from a superhero movie. Alternatively, maybe you write satirical articles that could be found on sites like The Onion. Or you write Buzzfeed style listicles with clickbait-y titles.

Journal entries  Consider writing about a day, whether it's fictional or real. For instance, imagine what a scientist would write in their journal if they discovered time travel. 

Stories  Try your hand at writing a short story. Some genres to think of include adventure stories, science fiction, comedies, mysteries, and fairy tale retellings, to name a few.

Reviews  Want to embrace your inner critic? Write a review of something! Whether that be of a fictitious restaurant (Anton Ego, anyone?) or of a movie, we want to hear about it!

Comics  Also a talented artist? Put those skills to the test and make a comic strip!

Scripts  Got an idea for a movie or play that the world needs to see? Write the script! 

This is your chance to let your imagination run free! 

Finished you piece?

Send your piece of writing to programs to programs@marigold.ab.ca with the following information:

  • Your piece of writing
  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Your home library
  • Your TRAC Library Card number