Activity Challenges General Information

Let's shake things up this summer with some activity challenges!

Earn points towards the Teen Summer Reading Challenge grand prize draw by completing activity challenges throughout the summer!

Over the summer, you can complete 4 activity challenges to earn points in the Teen Summer Reading Challenge. By completing an activity challenge, you will earn 2 points, for the possibility of earning 8 points total. 

Challenge 1: 

The first challenge is to sign up and submit a creative work to our Marigold Summer TeenZine.

Challenge 1

Challenge 2:

The second challenge is to create a craft from our Marigold Programs catalogue, and send us a photo of your completed project.

Challenge 2

Challenge 3: 

The third challenge is to bring to life a scene from your favorite book or story using any medium! Make sure to send us your recreation.

Challenge 3

Challenge 4: 

The fourth challenge is to tell us your plans to emulate a character you admire!

Challenge 4