TSRC Challenge 1

Welcome to the first activity challenge for the 2022 Teen Summer Reading Challenge!

From June 27th to July 10th, we want you to recreate the cover to your favourite book. By submitting your cover by July 10th, you will earn two points towards the grand prize draw.

How you recreate the cover is up to you. As long as the cover is original (do not copy the book cover) and has the book title and author(s), anything goes! 

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Use any medium you want. Draw it, paint it, design it digitally, use mixed media, make it a collage...
  • Take a look at other book covers to get inspired! Does the book have different covers (e.g. foreign editions, translations...)? What do books in that genre tend to look like?
  • Find some fanart from the book to see what other fans and artists think is important to the book
  • Is there a scene, character, theme, or object that is particularly important or symbolic? Think of how that could be represented on the cover
How to submit your cover

Send your completed cover to programs to programs@marigold.ab.ca with the following information:

  • Your completed cover
  • Your name
  • Your age
  • Your home library
  • Your TRAC Library Card number