Paper Bag Travel Journal

Going on a trip this summer? Or just hanging out with friends?
Make your own travel scrap book to take with you!

Items You'll Need
-Brown paper lunch bags
-Elastic band
-Anything you want to decorate your book with.  
You are going to start with lining up your bags (an odd number works best, typically 5 bags.)
You want the bags opposites of each other.

Once you have all your bags stacked we are going to fold them in half and staple them together. 

I wanted to cover the staples, and started with green ribbon but later settled on purple felt. 

I used a glue stick to make my pages colorful.

Once you are happy with your end product you can start collecting things, or adding memories! 
(To dry flowers in your paper bag scrapbook, you need to stick it in the pages and then press your journal between books on a bookshelf for a few days) 

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