Poetry Submissions



walking my dog is a difficult task

he pulls and pushes

I get annoyed with him

I yell and pull back 

I take a deep breath and look around

the sun is bright, it's warm on my pale skin

the wind is soft, it evens out the warmth of the sun

the grass dances is the soft breeze

I look at my dog, with the most adorable smile on his face

I smile back

"I'm okay now"

I think to myself, my heart full with love and patience once more



July 20, 2023

-Kendra Scott

age 14



Too much to drink

Hiding in the bathroom

Porcelain beneath shaking palms

Coughing up sick.


Thoughts muddled

Stirred by tumultuous emotion

Actions sending

You over the edge

Too much commotion


Head ringing

Vision swimming

Pull of handle

Sick goes spinning


Generous fall

Of water from faucet

Dazed reflection

Eyes, pools

Rimmed in red

Spilling and dripping

Into swirling sink.

-Isabella Styles (17)


Ode To Wolf 

Oh wolf, you are divine,

You are majestic like the northern lights

Trotting neatly without a sign,

You blend right in with the starry nights.

Wolf, you are solemn yet social,

Running like the wind that's riled,

Howling loudly with your vocals,

You are forever wild. 
-Katie Warcimaga (14)